Hello World!

It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to be writing to you live (at least “Internet live”) on behalf of The Hoeg Law Firm (aka “Hoeg Law”), a brand new law firm providing legal services for businesses in Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan.

First, a little about me.  My name is Richard Hoeg (though I usually go by Rick), and I have been practicing corporate law continuously in Ann Arbor, Michigan since graduation near the top of my class at the University of Michigan Law School in spring of 2005.  From 2005 through 2016 I worked at some of Michigan’s biggest and most prestigious business law firms, and ultimately became an equity partner in Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn’s corporate law practice group.  As a lover of all things technological and Internet-based, you can expect to hear mostly from me on this blog and our other social media outlets, but you may yet see some guest entries from a few other interested parties as well (if I have my way).

As you can tell from the above description, I specialize in the “transactional” or “business” side of the practice, so though I am more than happy to connect clients with the right people to help litigate (or arbitrate, or mediate) their disputes, you won’t be seeing me on Law and Order 2020 Edition (or in any other trial setting) in the near future, much to my wife’s chagrin.

Hoeg Law itself is a dream I’ve had for quite awhile, and one considered for some time before finally making the jump out of formal law firm life.  In its purest form, it is the dream of a law firm that is small and agile, but simultaneously capable of providing legal services on the same level as those offered by the big firms in Michigan (and nationwide), but without the burden of all the overhead that traditionally drives up cost (and makes overworked lawyers unavailable to answer their client’s calls).

More specifically, one of my personal goals for the firm is to provide concrete help to the young, energetic, and often cash “challenged” start-up culture that has grown in and around Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan.  In the past decade plus, I have had the good fortune to represent clients on all points of the economic/financing spectrum (and from both the investor and company perspective), and have seen the damage that poor lawyering can inflict.

To combat that (and the high legal bills that come from correcting it), we at Hoeg Law aim to provide the highest quality legal services to all stages of business client, at an affordable cost and with lawyers that are both approachable and, more importantly, “present”.  For start-ups specifically, our clients can expect to be made even more attractive to prospective investment by having us help ensure that each aspect of their governance documentation, contracts, licenses, and everything in-between is effective, legally compliant, and 100% ready to be examined by prospective investors in Michigan, Silicon Valley, Boston, or wherever else investment might find them.  In that way we seek to grow with our clients and with the community, and to leave Michigan even better than we found it.

Which is all admittedly a bit (or more) saccharine and verging on straight marketing material. Still I can’t help but be excited about both what Hoeg Law can provide and the manner (and price) in which it can provide it.  It is our hope that this space will become and continue to be an outlet for me and for Hoeg Law in general to present legal insight and analysis and to help foster the business community in and around Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan.  As we go along, we might even let out just a bit of actual personality as well (lawyers aren’t robots after all… well, not most of them anyway).

So stay tuned.  We think you’ll be pleased that you did.


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