A Lawyer Reads…the Facebook Terms of Service and Data Policy (Part 1)

In the modern, digital world, each of us is asked to read and accept hundreds of pages of terms and conditions that govern the way we use our products and services. 

While no one could be expected to read every term (especially for entertainment or other “low risk” services), as a specialist in reading and drafting such documents, a lawyer can offer insight into just how they operate (and which rights the average user winds up signing away). 

In our “A Lawyer Reads…” series, we’ll take a deeper dive into a few of those little-read contracts, terms, and conditions in an effort to provide just a bit of that insight. 

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This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the United States Congress on matters ranging from data privacy to Facebook’s culpability in the fomenting of foreign genocides.

One strand of questioning that persisted throughout the entirety of his marathon interrogation, however, was whether an ordinary user of Facebook’s services could understand the company’s terms and conditions document.  In answering that he didn’t believe that most users read through such “click through” terms, Zukerberg opened himself up to a series of additional challenges.

But how “bad” are the Facebook terms really?

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