TGIF: March 10th, 2017 – Plane Crashes, Television Contracts, and Scofflaws

Despite what you may have heard, lawyers are, in fact, human beings with interests and hobbies all their own. They are not, I repeat not, robots sent from the future solely for the purpose of billing hours, drafting documents, and negotiating terms.  Not all of them anyway.  

In TGIF, I touch on some of my own interests primarily through the lens of the “Rules of the Game”, focusing on the rules and resulting incentives that ultimately affect all of us in pursuing our life’s endeavors. I may even crack a joke or two.  Hard to say.

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Critical Thinking and Jumping to Conclusions – Michigan Men’s Basketball’s Eventful Journey to the Big Ten Tournament

On Wednesday March 8th, the State of Michigan was buffeted by a wind storm so fierce that more than a half million homes lost power (and expect to stay that way until Sunday or beyond).  Hoeg Law itself lost power 8 separate times (but fortunately for only a few minutes each).  It was in this  storm that the Michigan Men’s basketball team attempted to take off for their Big Ten tournament game in Washington D.C.  The results of that attempt were less than ideal, as their plane failed to take flight amidst 60 mph+ winds before skid-crashing off the runway (Mgoblog, SB Nation).  Players and team members would later describe the harrowing incident (including fuel pouring in the head coach’s face, exit door evacuations, and more) and admit to certain of them needing stitches and other medical care.  Plane crashes are not minor things.

Despite this the “games”, as they say, must go on, and so Michigan’s 12 noon tournament game on Thursday was refused to be rescheduled.  As it turns out, TV contracts are not minor things either.

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