Virtual Legality Extra – It’s About Ethics in Games Journalism…

Gamergate long ago scorched the earth of having a reasonable conversation about journalistic practices in gaming and beyond, but…what if it hadn’t?

In our first Virtual Legality Extra, we dive headlong into the conversation started again this past week by The Escapist and Russ Pitts, including a discussion of the comments being made by some the industry’s most popular journalists.

Can we separate out harassment from message?

What place does politics have in the conversation?

And why does the rise of the “influencer” make the consideration of ethics more important than ever?

Discussed in this episode:

“How Do We Finally Talk About Ethics?”
Escapist, February 5, 2019

Jason Schreier Twitter Thread
February 6, 2019

Resident Evil 2 Review Script
Easy Allies

“I Wish ‘Resident Evil 2’ Let Me Be a More Compassionate Hero”
February 1, 2019

Star Wars Episode II Review Homepage
Rotten Tomatoes

Amanda Farough Twitter Thread
February 6, 2019

Brian Crecente Twitter Thread
February 7, 2019


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“Virtual Legality” is a continuing series discussing the law, video games, software, and everything digital, hosted by Richard Hoeg, of the Hoeg Law Business Law Firm (Hoeg Law).


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